What is WishesKept?

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Adding your information

WishesKept is a very comprehensive system. There are more than 300 questions, spread over multiple categories.

When you first start using the system, you will be shown the most essential questions first. The initial list will focus on collecting the information that will help your loved ones the most.

When you have finished the essentials, you can let your doctors and loved ones know what you would want if you became sick or incapacitated by using the “Advance Care Plan” mode.

Finally, the “Comprehensive” mode enables you to answer all of the questions, and is one of the most comprehensive planning lists available anywhere.

Every question is unique

Even though there are a lot of questions, you can work through them in your own order and at your own pace.

Major headings include:

  • Your family, household, property, vehicles, pets
  • Your online accounts and profiles, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Your medical information, health directives, Insurances
  • Financial accounts, shares, businesses
  • Legal documents, wills, trusts
  • Aged care preferences, end of life wishes
  • Funeral preferences, family legacy, final letters and emails
  • And much more…

Answers can include attached files, document scans, passwords, images and contact information. Everything is stored securely and encrypted until you need it, or your guardians activate your account.


Guardians are people you trust to do the right thing. They have the ability to release your data to your doctors and loved ones if you become incapacitated or pass away.

It is recommended that you have multiple Guardians watching out for you to ensure your information is properly released.

When you select a Guardian, we send them an email asking them to accept the responsibility and confirm their role.

Guardians cannot see any of your information they will be sharing.

You may wish to give your partner, spouse or legal representative the ability to INSTANTLY share pre-approved sections of your information. This allows them to share your medical data in the case of an emergency, and where time is of the essence.

Safety Delays

In order to protect the security of your data, we have built safety delays into the system.

Once a Guardian starts the activation process you will receive an immediate notification, and ongoing notifications throughout the delay period.

No information will be released until the safety delay has passed and at least 2 (or 3) guardians have confirmed the activation. You can stop the activation process by logging into your account and following the prompted steps.

For urgent access to your data, you can allow your most trusted Guardians to instantly share essential parts of your data.

Sharing is caring

When it comes to sharing, WishesKept is highly flexible.

When we receive confirmation from your Guardians of a change of status and after the safety delay period has expired, the people you have pre-authorized will receive access to the data you have specified. The recipients are not able to alter or delete any data from your account. They are only able to view the data online and download any files you have included.

WishesKept allows you to control who can see your data, and when they can see it.

For example, you may want your doctors and loved ones to see medical data when you are incapacitated, you may want your spouse or partner to see your household details when you are still alive and well, and you may want your lawyer or executor to see your funeral preference when you are no longer here.

Your final letters will be sent directly to the intended recipients and will only ever be seen by them.

Your data will stay safely locked away until it is needed.

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