At Wishes Kept, we attempt to run our business the way we wish all web-based services would. As such, we respect your personal information and privacy and do everything, within reason, to prevent personal information from being disseminated without your consent.

Collected Information

At times we will collect personally identifiable or private information from you so that you can make use of our service. We never knowingly collect any personal information about people under the age of 18. This collected information includes the following:

  • Upon registration, we will collect your name, email, and a password. Your password is stored and encoded in a fashion so as to be inaccessible even to Wishes Kept employees. All other information will be used only to allow you to log into the system and to enable us to contact you to inform you of product changes, upcoming releases, notifications/reminders, changes to this Privacy Policy, or customer service issues.
  • Your private, sensitive, personal information that you privately submit through the Services, including your health and medical information, financial information and legal information. While we may know whether and when you submitted a particular type or category of Secure Information, we do not have access to the content or details of any Secure Information you privately submit through the Services because it is encrypted. We will share your Secure Information only with your designated Guardians and only pursuant to your explicit instruction, except when we are required to by law or in other rare circumstances, as described below.
  • Should you choose to subscribe, we will collect credit card information from you. We will use this information only for the purpose of processing payments made for the use of Wishes Kept, and will never share your payment information with any third party.

Wishes Kept also collects usage data and statistics about its users’ behavior and visitor information (browser, operating system, etc.) for the purposes of improving the product and service we provide, but this data is for internal use only is and is never shared with any third party. We do not honor Do Not Track requests.

Maintaining your Privacy

As a company, we are dedicated to keeping your personally identifiable information out of the hands of unauthorized viewers. We will always use the utmost discretion with your information, and we will never provide this information to any third party without your express consent, except in cases where:

  • You were referred to our service by another user or a Wishes Kept affiliate, in which case your name will be shared with that referrer so that they can confirm that they received credit for the referral; no other personal information or contact information (e.g. your email address) will be shared with said referrer;
  • Wishes Kept determines it necessary in order to preserve the safety of our users, employees, or the general public at large; or,
  • The user’s actions are deemed in violation of the service’s Terms of Service.

You have the right to access your personal information. You may change, update, correct, or remove your personal information from Wishes Kept at any time. To do so, contact us at [email protected]

Please be aware that Wishes Kept may be required to disclose an individual’s personal information in response to a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

Your Data’s Location and Ownership

Wishes Kept uses third-party vendors/hosting partners to provide the hardware, networking, storage, and other technology needed to run the software. Wishes Kept, however, owns the code, databases, and the software application. However, you, the user, maintain ownership of any data that you enter into the system.

Your identity is tied to the registered email address you have listed on your login settings page (this is also the email address we use to communicate with you). If you forget your password, or there is an ownership dispute, whoever has access to the registered email address for a user is considered to be the owner of that user’s account. You must have access to your email account in order to be guaranteed access to the software.

Because we store your information in multiple locations, including redundant back-ups, your information may remain on our servers after you delete your account. However, this information will never be accessed or used for any reason without your express consent.


Wishes Kept, like many online services, requires the use of cookies to operate. Cookies are small pieces of data from our system that is stored on your hard drive, and contain anonymous identifiers. We use these cookies to record session information, and they do not represent a threat to your personal information’s security.

Protection of your Private Data

The security, privacy and confidentiality of your Personal Information is of utmost and critical importance to us, which is why we have implemented a variety of industry standard (or better) administrative, physical and technical protections to safeguard the security, privacy, confidentiality and integrity of your Personal Information, including without limitation your Secure Information.

For starters, your password is encrypted and not stored in a readable fashion. Moreover, our technology uses encryption algorithms of the same quality relied on by banks, the military and the U.S. government. Your Secure Information is stored in a hosting provider that has 24/7 physical and biometric protections, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and an array of other technological safeguards and security certifications.

Nevertheless, no website operator can guarantee that its security measures or safeguards will be 100% effective, and WishesKept cannot guarantee absolute security of any of your Personal Information, including without limitation your Secure Information. WISHESKEPT SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS, HACKING OR OTHER SECURITY INTRUSIONS OR FAILURE TO STORE OR THE THEFT, DELETION, CORRUPTION, DESTRUCTION, DAMAGE, OR LOSS OF ANY DATA OR INFORMATION, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION SECURE INFORMATION.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time. In the event of any substantial changes to this Privacy Policy, users will be informed through the email address listed on their account or by the information being displayed prominently on the Wishes Kept website.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

Last Updated : 1 January 2017 02:30pm