Frequently Asked Questions

What is WishesKept?

What is Wisheskept?

WishesKept is a private, digitally encrypted information and media storage service that encourages families to plan and prepare for the future. Think of us as a digital safe deposit box — one that you, and only you, can access over the Internet from anywhere in the world at any time. Our cloud storage facilities protect your data so that it cannot be stolen, lost or destroyed.

We serve as a roadmap to help you gather and organize all of the documents, contacts, instructions, and treasures you want to preserve for your loved ones. Our easy-to-use, interactive process helps you preserve everything that your doctors and loved ones may need to know in the future.

As a society, we are increasingly moving our banking, record keeping, and correspondence into the digital realm. The paper trail we have always relied upon is quickly disappearing. Along with traditional assets (such as wills, deeds, and end-of-life instructions), WishesKept safeguards your account IDs and passwords.

Why should I subscribe to WishesKept?

Most of us work all of our lives to protect and provide for our families. Yet so many of us forget to make plans to protect them after we are gone or unable to function.

Unfortunately, after a parent has passed away, the spouse and siblings are often left with conflicting views concerning many of the details not covered by the will. Having your information organized and your wishes clearly stated will help to eliminate this confusion.

Rarely in our lifetime do we get the chance to say how we truly feel. WishesKept scheduled correspondence service gives you the opportunity to leave messages for the people you care about even after you are gone.

Your messages are safe, secure, and private. You do not have to worry about a letter getting misplaced or being read by the wrong person. You never have to worry about your hard drive crashing or your computer getting damaged or stolen. You also never have to worry about your photo's being ruined in a fire or other natural disaster. With WishesKept you can preserve and protect what cannot be replaced.

Our service is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any location in the world.

I already have a will. Why would I need WishesKept?

We know it can be hard to face the facts of loss and death.

By providing your family with all of the information they will need in times of crisis, you will also be providing them with peace of mind.

You don't have to be old or sick to do this kind of planning: Newlyweds and new parents have just as much to gain from having their affairs in order for the family.

Whether or not you’ve done much planning, having easy access to a few basic pieces of information can make a huge difference to your family if something happens to you.

Can I use my WishesKept account as a will or testament?

No. Your WishesKept account provides secure, private and safe storage for important documents such as wills and codicils. WishesKept is not a substitute for legal documents.

A will or testament is a legal declaration in which you name one or more persons to manage your estate and provide for the transfer of your property at death. A codicil is an addition or supplement that amends the terms of the will or testament. Wills, testaments and codicils must be in writing, and they require signatures and witnesses. Audio and video wills and Codicils are not usually valid.

Countries, states, provinces and regions often have different legal requirements for wills, testaments and codicils. For example, there are differences in the number of required witnesses, whether oral or handwritten documents are acceptable, and whether only certain family members can inherit land.

Can I upload an executed copy of my will, testament or codicils to my WishesKept account?

Yes. This is exactly the type of important document that we developed WishesKept to protect. We keep your documents safe and private. When your account is activated, the only people who receive copies are the people you have previously authorized.

Privacy of My Data

Is my information private and secure?

Your information is yours and only yours and yours alone — until your account is activated and the information you have specified to be released, is released. Your information is not only confidential, but encrypted as well. We are not able to decrypt your information nor are we able to see it. Your privacy and security are essential. For more information, please visit our dedicated Security Page

Will anyone else be able to view my information?

No. Nobody else can see any personal information, documents, emails or any other content within your account.

Even after your account is activated, your data will only be shared with the specific people you have selected.

For example, you may elect to provide important information for your children, but share only your photos with your grandchildren. You may record a personal email or message for your spouse that only your spouse may access after your account is activated. If you own a business, you may designate a person to receive information specific to running or selling the business.

Is my data safe from theft, flood, and fire?

Yes. Your information is kept in several secure data centers in multiple locations. All of our systems are backed up regularly.

Do you keep all my email addresses private?

The only email address Wisheskept is able to access associated with your account is the email address used to login. WishesKept does not share this email address with anybody.

Account Activation and Sharing

What is the Activation system?

The Activation system is how WishesKept releases your important data to the people you have specified. Guardians you elected notify WishesKept that you have passed or become incapacitated. You may specify how many Guardians are required to release your information. After a safety delay, which allows time for you to cancel the activation, your important data is released to the designated people.

What will happen to my account after my death?

When your account is activated, all of your data fields are locked and no more information can be added or removed. Personal emails are sent as you have specified, and access to specific information is sent to the people you have designated.

The contents of your account can then be stored with us for up to two years after the account is activated.

How will WishesKept know that I have died or become incapacitated?

Through our Account Activation system. You designate Guardians who will notify WishesKept about your change of status. To enable your information to be released, Guardians must login to their WishesKept accounts and alert us. When the required number of your Guardians have logged in, and after a time delay has passed allowing you time to cancel the activation, your information will be sent out to the people that you specify.

What is a Guardian?

Guardians are the people you have asked to help you activate your WishesKept account in the event that something happens to you. You should have several Guardians to ensure your information is protected and properly released.

When you designate a Guardian, we send them an email request asking them to accept the responsibility and confirm their role.

Can a Guardian see my data?

No, Guardians cannot normally see any of your information. Guardians are there to notify WishesKept if something happens to you and to help you reset your password, if needed. However, it is possible to share selected information with your Guardians by specifically including them in the Sharing screens.

How does WishesKept know to send out my scheduled messages?

When your account is activated, WishesKept automatically follows the directives you selected when you created your account. Your orders are followed electronically. There is no human interaction once the account is activated.

Make sure that you have the correct and current email addresses for your recipients and update them as required. Use their personal or home accounts, not their business email addresses.

How can I be certain that my messages will be delivered after my death?

As long as one of your Guardians notifies WishesKept, the system will start the activation process and you data will be able to be retrieved. The best way to ensure one of your Guardians can perform this duty is having multiple Guardians and regularly ensuring that they can still access their account.

What if my account is activated in error?

You can set an account delay of up to 30 days when you set up your activation delays.

You can also choose to require multiple Guardians to activate your account instead of one individual. This reduces the risk of accidental or malicious activation.

The delay is the number of days you want WishesKept to wait between an activation request and sending the confirmation requests to your other Guardians.

The account delay safeguards your information in the event of a false activation.

When your account is activated, the account delay time period begins. None of your information is released until the time period has passed. During this time period, you can access your account and stop the activation process.

You can also choose to require multiple Guardians to activate your account instead of one individual. This reduces the risk of accidental or malicious activation.

Accounts and Billing

How does billing work?

Billing for WishesKept is done through Stripe, a credit card processing company used by many large online businesses. This means that WishesKept will not have access to your actual billing info like credit card numbers – these are all stored and managed through Stripe's highly secure system.

Stripe lets WishesKept know when users create an account (and when their subscriptions expire). WishesKept then updates your subscription accordingly.

How will I know that my subscription is about to expire?

We will notify you one month before your account is up for renewal. After you renew, we confirm your payment and we will send you a receipt for your records. If there are any problems with the billing you will be immediately notified by email.

You can also sign up to have WishesKept automatically renewed on an annual basis.

If I do not renew my service what will happen to my information?

You will have 24 months to re-activate your account. Re-activation consists of paying for the interim period that you were not a member, along with a reactivation fee. If you do not reactivate your account within 24 months, a final notice will be sent to you. Your files will be permanently deleted from our system 30 days after the date of the final notice.

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

You may cancel your account from your account Dashboard at any time and for any reason.

Full refunds are available if you cancel your account within seven (7) days of opening it. No refunds of any kind are made after that point.

What if I forget my password?

Click link where it says "Forgot Password?" on the Login page. You will receive an email with the steps that are required for you to obtain a new password.

Does WishesKept store my credit card information?

WishesKept does not store your credit card information – it is securely stored via 'Stripe' our credit card vendor. You can learn more about Stripe here.

Stripe will share some information with WishesKept about the outcome of various transactions to enable us to let you know whether your charge was successful or not.

Under no circumstances will WishesKept receive your actual credit card information.

Legal Stuff

Does WishesKept give legal or accounting advice?

WishesKept is not a licensed legal service. We are an online service company dedicated to providing a simple, secure way to make sure you have taken care of everything you would want your loved ones to have access to should something happen to you.

Does WishesKept recommend any of the service providers on the site?

All of the service providers shown on WishesKept are advertisers. WishesKept does not give any advice or make any recommendations as to what vendors you should use. For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions page


What is a will?

A will is a legal document in which a person permits another to make decisions on how his/her estate will be managed and distributed after death. The creator of a will must specify the methods to be applied in said management and distribution.

Is WishesKept a will?

WishesKept is not a will. However, you can upload your legally formed will onto your WishesKept account.

What is a "Living Will or Health Care Directive"?

A "living will" or "health care directive" specifies what actions should be taken in the event you are no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacitation. It pays special attention to the administration of life-prolonging measures.

What is a DNR?

A "do not resuscitate" document is a binding legal document that states that resuscitation should not be attempted if a person suffers cardiac or respiratory arrest.

What is an executor?

'Executor' is a legal term referring to a person named by the maker of a will to carry out the directions of the will. Typically, the executor is the person responsible for offering the will for probate, although it is not required that he or she fulfil this responsibility.

The executor's duties also include disbursing property to the beneficiaries as designated in the will, obtaining information of potential heirs, collecting and arranging for payment of estate debts and approving or disapproving creditor's claims. An executor will make sure estate taxes are calculated, necessary forms are filed, and tax payments are made. They will also assist the attorney or lawyer with the estate.

What is probate?

Probate is the court-supervised process of gathering a deceased person's assets and distributing them to creditors and inheritors. Probate can get very expensive and take significantly longer time to complete if you die without a will.

What is the probate process?

When you die a lawyer files your will at the local court. The will is taken before a judge and the judge reviews the will to determine if it is valid. The judge then signs an order granting power to the executor named in your will.

The executor is the person you choose to carry out the directions of the will, so be sure to pick someone you trust to be capable of handling your affairs properly.

What does it mean to "die intestate"?

A person is said to have died intestate when there is no will. Without a will, your heirs may not know of your wishes or instructions for funeral arrangements, distribution of property, guardians for your children, and so forth. Without a will, there is no executor in the legal sense. The court will therefore appoint an administrator for your estate. This person may or may not be the executor you would want, and is paid by the estate for their services at rates that are approved by the probate court.

WishesKept helps you clarify your instructions and wishes so that you can provide your heirs with all of the legal, financial and personal guidance they will need.

What is an Advance Care Plan

Advance care planning is about exploring what matters to you when you near the end of your life. This information is shared with your loved ones and your health care team so treatment and care plans can support what matters to you.

An advance care plan includes what is important to you and gives your life meaning. This might include people and pets, your values and the way you would like those caring for you to look after your spiritual and emotional needs.

Having a plan is particularly important if you become too unwell to tell your loved ones and your health care team what you want yourself. It's an important gift for your loved ones as it can relieve the burden of them having to make decisions on your behalf.