Frequently Asked Questions

What is StoriesKept?

What is StoriesKept?

StoriesKept is an online service that helps you write your life story in private (no one else has to know about it until you are ready). It is a story of major events, milestones, accomplishments, and challenges that you have endured throughout your lifetime. It is a place where you can pass down the life experiences and wisdom to your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren. It simply gives them a chance to know more about the life you once lived.

Why should I subscribe to StoriesKept?

StoriesKept will give you an opportunity to leave something behind for your children. You can share the stories you never got a chance to tell them. You can give them the wisdom from your lifetime of experience. Everyone has a story to tell and you have likely endured great hardships, experienced incredible milestones, and achieved great successes. Many of these things will be forgotten as time goes on. And the future generations of your family will be keen to learn about your life and the adventures you once took.

I am no good at writing - Is this for me?

StoriesKept holds your hand through the process and makes it incredibly easy to create a beautifully written illustrated book of your life. if you find writing difficult, you can provide short answers to each of the questions. StoriesKept will include the original questions to give your readers the context of your answers.

Future generations won’t care about things like grammar or spelling, and will be overjoyed at the fact that you left something behind for them in the first place. In fact, most of our members do not have a writing background.

I am a good writer - Is this for me?

You can use our memory prompts to take you through the system, or you can ignore them completely and write everything in your own words. There are no restrictions on the number of pages and there is space for hundreds of photographs if you want to include them.

I'm too busy - I don't have the time - Is this for me?

Do it at your convenience, and at your own pace. It doesn’t matter if you take holidays, spend time with your family, or need to leave it for work commitments. Everything you have written will be waiting for you when you return.

No one cares about my story - Is this for me?

You are wrong if you think no one cares about your life story.

According to ABC News, genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the U.S. after gardening. As families become more fragmented and the pace of technology takes over our lives, it will become more and more difficult for people to research their histories. In years to come your family will be eager to discover the history you left behind.

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What browser versions are supported?

StoriesKept currently supports Internet Explorer versions 10 and higher (including Edge), and the most recent versions of other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and Safari. StoriesKept can be run on desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones (not recommended).

How long will it take to answer the questions?

You can answer just one or all, so the time it takes depends on you. Only you will know when you’re done. Work at your own pace. Some will finish it in a week – others may take a year.

Is there a limit to the length of my answers?

You will find that some questions can be answered in one or two sentences. other questions will inspire you to write an entire page. There is no limit to the length of any answer.

Is there a limit to the length of my life story?

No. Some life stories are twenty pages or less – others are 300 pages or more.

What if I want to change my answers?

We recognize that your life will continue to change and so should your personal history. You can change your answers and photos as many times as you would like at no additional fee.

Can I add photos to my answers?

Absolutely! One of the really great benefits of using StoriesKept is that you can upload photos and crop them online. StoriesKept will take care of all the alignment issues, and will ensure that your images are printed at the best resolution to give superb results. StoriesKept will warn you if an image is too small or will not look good when it is printed. It takes the pain out of handling images.

What types of images can be uploaded?

You can upload jpeg, gif, png or bmp files. We do not accept tif files because of their large filesize. Your images will be automatically converted to jpg files behind the scenes to ensure your final printed document is of the highest quality.

Does StoriesKept autosave? What if I forget to hit the Save button?

If you click on another field on the screen, StoriesKept autosaves for you. It also periodically saves even if you have stayed in the same question.

Do the questions I don't answer show up in my printed document?

Only the questions that you answer show up in your ready-to-print document.

Can I use speech recognition to help me type?

With the help of tools like Windows Speech Recognition, you don’t have to type anything. Just plug in a microphone and begin talking. The text you dictate will automatically be converted to a written story for you. Visit this link for instructions on setting up speech recognition on Windows 10.

Can you help me write my life story

We understand there are people who want to write their life story, but may not have the means or capability of doing so. Therefore we are happy to help put you in contact with someone who can help. If you would like us to create your life story please contact us for more information (extra fees apply).

Privacy of My Data

Can I keep my life story confidential?

Yes. Respecting your privacy is important to us. At the end of your writing, you will be able to decide if you want to share your life story or keep it to yourself.

How can I be sure that the data I am typing in will be safe?

StoriesKept is committed to protecting your privacy. When using our software, you should see the Lock icon in your browsers address bar. This means that the information is being transmitted though a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Is my data safe from theft, flood, and fire?

Yes. Your information is kept in several secure data centers in multiple locations. All of our systems are backed up regularly.

Do you keep all my email addresses private?

The only email address StoriesKept is able to access associated with your account is the email address used to login. StoriesKept does not share this email address with anybody.

Can I backup my life story?

At any time during your journey, you will be able to export your life story to a high resolution PDF file that can be printed from your home computer, sent to a print-on-demand shop, or saved on your computer, a memory stick or on one of many online document storage services.

Accounts and Billing

How does billing work?

Billing for StoriesKept is done through Stripe, a credit card processing company used by many large online businesses. This means that StoriesKept will not have access to your actual billing info like credit card numbers – these are all stored and managed through Stripe’s highly secure system.

Stripe lets StoriesKept know when users create an account. StoriesKept then updates your subscription accordingly.

How will I know that my subscription is about to expire?

If you have selected a Lifetime License, your subscription will never expire. If you are on the annual plan, we will notify you one month before your account is up for renewal. After you renew, we will confirm your payment and we will send you a receipt for your records. If there are any problems with the billing you will be immediately notified by email.

You can also sign up to have StoriesKept automatically renewed on an annual basis if you select the annual plan.

If I do not renew my service what will happen to my information?

You will have 12 months to re-activate your account. Re-activation consists of paying for the interim period that you were not a member, along with a reactivation fee. If you do not reactivate your account within 12 months, a final notice will be sent to you. Your files will be permanently deleted from our system 30 days after the date of the final notice.

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

You may cancel your account from your account Dashboard at any time and for any reason.

Full refunds are available if you cancel your account within seven (7) days of opening it. No refunds of any kind are made after that point.

What if I forget my password?

Click link where it says “Forgot Password?” on the Login page. You will receive an email with the steps that are required for you to obtain a new password.

Does StoriesKept store my credit card information?

StoriesKept does not store your credit card information – it is securely stored via ‘Stripe’ our credit card vendor. You can learn more about Stripe here.

Stripe will share some information with StoriesKept about the outcome of various transactions to enable us to let you know whether your charge was successful or not.

Under no circumstances will StoriesKept receive your actual credit card information.

Can I purchase a membership as a gift for someone else?

Yes. You can purchase a membership gift card for family, friends, and loved ones. A membership to StoriesKept makes the perfect gift for parents and grandparents alike!

The gift of leaving behind a digital life legacy is one that will long outlast any other gift you can think of. Simply visit our GIFT CARD page for more information and to make your purchase!

Is someone available to help with technical issues?

Email us with any technical questions you have at

What happens to my information if StoriesKept goes out of business?

The owners and staff of StoriesKept have no intention of going out of business, and have taken precautions to ensure this website and the profiles you build will be around and permanently available to you for a very long time to come. StoriesKept is here to stay – FOREVER.

That said, should an unforeseeable circumstance cause us to close our doors, we will package everything you have documented in your life story into an electronic and downloadable file format, so you can continue building your story offline.