Daily Life and Traveling

Your online reference for household bills and travel documents, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Organize Your Household

You don't have to be ill to make use of WishesKept. Your digital vault is a safe place to store everything important to you and your family and is also a valuable reference for daily life.


Bills and Utilities

Reference for household bills, utilities and online accounts



Hire Purchase, Leases, Rental Agreements, and Loans



Insurance policies, trust and investment documents

A central place to keep a record of contact details, account numbers, PIN codes, payment details, expiry dates, renewal dates, and scanned copies of service contracts.

Keep Track of Your Assets

Over your lifetime, you will gather a lot of assets, and keeping track of them can be difficult. Some of them may be stored at remote locations or may have money owing on them.

Keep track of your important assets with a comprehensive checklist that ensures nothing is missed. Record ownership details, serial numbers, locations, encumbrances, titles and registration documents.


WishesKept gives you instant access to warranty and service documents. if your assets are in a trust, you can also make a note of what you would like to happen to each asset when you are no longer here.

Lost Passport or Travel Documents

Each day an estimated 400,000 pick pocket incidents occur around the world.

Your money, credit cards, and even your passport can be gone without warning. If it happens in a foreign country, it can be incredibly distressing.

How would you go about addressing this issue? What should you do to help prevent potential credit card fraud?

If you have online access to a scan of your passport, credit cards, driver's license, health insurance information, and other important travel documents it will be easier to replace the originals should the need arise.

Record the details of your bank in the important contacts section so you can contact them as quickly as possibly to cancel cards and to stop unauthorized purchases.

Beyond your passport and credit card details, WishesKept is a great place to store copies of prescriptions, travel insurance documents, and a host of other important items.

You can access them safely and securely, even from a public computer. These items can also stay permanently stored in your digital vault so you don't have to make copies every time you hit the road.