Our Mission is simple

To provide a secure place to store your life

About Us

Raymond Davey, Founder

Raymond has been developing software solutions for longer than he cares to remember.

He is a repeat entrepreneur with thousands of businesses using the various packages he has developed over the years. He has a proven track record in accounting, e-commerce and healthcare software. With users all over the world (USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK, China), and software that is multilingual, the software solutions truly stand the test of time.

In 2003, Raymond was granted unprecedented third party access to New Zealand’s banking network to process real-time payments, transfer funds and download transaction histories. This was a direct interface into the New Zealand banking system requiring significant trust by the National Bank of NZ, and required appropriate security clearances.

Our Story

After experiencing several deaths within the family, Raymond has experienced first hand how difficult it can be to wind up the affairs of someone who has passed away.

With the explosion of digital media, Raymond also noticed how often he gets friend requests or Linked-in suggestions for people who were no longer with us. In some cases they have been gone for many years.

Living the life of an Entrepreneur means your business affairs are never simple, and expecting a loved one to sort things out after you have gone is a huge ask. Even keeping the household and business running if he were to end up in hospital and unable to speak for himself would be a challenge.

WishesKept was created to address these issues. Storing important details in a safe and secure place that can be unlocked when you are unable to speak for yourself is a perfect solution. ┬áSo now Raymond’s wife and daughter are happy – and so is Raymond.

Meet the rest of the Team

Jennifer Withers
Digital Marketing Manager

Jennifer is a proven thought leader in the digital marketing space and is responsible for the implementation and management of our global marketing team.

Julia Thomas
Blog Writer

Julia is our awesome blog writer and research expert. Julia studied Creative Writing, Linguistics, Educational Psychology and Speech at Wichita State University.

Brian Harwell
Hosting Infrastructure

Brian is our Expert in Azure Web Hosting and Infrastructure. He is a triple certified Microsoft systems administrator, database administrator and technology specialist.

Anand Singh

Anand is our go-to guy for SEO marketing and PPC. Anand specializes in Search Engine optimization, social media marketing and internet marketing. Anand graduated with a BSc in Information Technology and Marketing

Alejandra Valencia
CSS and Stylus Expert

Alejandra is a magician with CSS and stylesheets. She makes our website look good. She is currently studying as a System Engineer at Corporaci├│n Universitaria Americana

Our Company Logo

Our logo is representative of a central figure sharing their wishes with their loved ones. The stars are a symbol of happiness and joy. The logo is surrounded by nurturing arms to represent safety and love. It also signifies that your data is safely enclosed within a controlled environment and only shared with the people you allow within.