A safe place to store everything important to you and your family


In a Disaster

Lookup insurance documents, emergency contacts and personal ID details


Serious Illness

Locate medical documents, health directives and living wills


No Longer Here

Social media accounts, household bills, your will and funeral preferences

Start with a FREE Emergency Letter

The first step to getting sorted is to create an emergency letter.

In less than 10 minutes we take you through some of the most important things your family or loved ones would need to know if you got sick or were no longer here.

The letter explains who to contact and where to find your important documents.

It’s the perfect way to help the people that rely on you, and because it’s completely free, you have no excuse not to do it now.

Enhance Your Emergency Letter

Once you've printed your emergency letter, explore our comprehensive checklist of topics spread over multiple categories to create a valuable resource for you and your family or loved ones.

Fill in the blanks

Work through the checklist in any order and at your own pace.  Include as little or as much information as you want. Store files, document scans, optional passwords, images and contact information.

Safe and Secure

Everything is securely stored until you or your family need it.

Completely Free

Create your emergency letter for free. No strings attached !

Easy to Create

Our comprehensive checklist makes sure nothing is forgotten

Private & Secure

Rest easy with bank-level encryption and security of your data